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The BIG order

Hi all,

So, I know that many of you might be based near the US and therefore pay no shipping from the land of joy that is officially titled, Simon Says Stamp… BUT, here in Aus, the shipping is always $50USD. Now, that’s fine, but the little spending fairy on my shoulder says, “Well then you have to make the shipping worthwhile.”

This evil fairy is OF COURSE CORRECT! So it just meant that I had to buy LOTS of gorgeousness from the lovely Simon. I won’t even tell you how much I spent, because to me, it was pretty OTT. Having said that, I thought I would try to make it feel like I had made lots of little orders. So, I thought, I will open little collections of products at a time. That way, the delayed gratification will last the rest of the year, because I had spend my entire crafting budget for the year IN MARCH! lol.

I thought you might be interested in joining me along the way, as I open small groups of product and try them out. I will be making lots of different cards and hopefully having a total blast.

Another thing I wanted to mention, I had started my “cart” with Simon last November. I am a weird combo of attempted minimalist and lover of crafty stuff. I don’t want to buy surplus things which I cannot use in my lifetime, but I ADORE my colouring and crafty stuff. This means I really reflect and consider my purchases carefully. I never purchase on the spur of the moment, and I try not to “collect” supplies. I try to ensure that all supplies and goodies get lots of love and attention. I think that de-stashing is one good way to share goodies around, but another is simply to purchase slowly in the first place. So, perhaps start a wishlist, like a Simon cart, and go crazy. Add in every item that floats your boat. Then, over time, just start deleting things that are sort of duplicates or perhaps involve a technique you’ve never even experimented with. How many of us have thought “Ooooh, I’d love to quilt/macrame/cross stitch/crochet/garden…” etc. and then have discovered that those mediums just aren’t for us? So rather than investing heavily on new techniques, try dipping your toe in the water. Unless, it’s a medium you adore.

For me, some of my most beloved items are watercolour related. So I know, that if I purchase something which is a watercolour medium, chances are, I will use it plenty. Hence, when I bought my Zig Clean Color Real Brush marker set, I bought ALL 80 AT ONCE. It was a tiny risk, but if they’re good enough for Sandy Allnock, then they’re good enough for me! 🙂

Hope this helps you to make some purchases and have no regrets. I can’t wait to show you my gorgeous Simon Says haul over the next few posts.


Cathy aka The Craft Cat



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